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What we do

Onyx Bureau helps Developers & Deal Sourcers across the UK bring high Net Worth Investors by implementing a tailored Client Acquisition infrastructure like no other.

Our methods not only free up your time to concentrate on closing, but also ensure your growth is certain and driven by prospects who match all of your criteria, making the process smooth and efficient.

On average, 35% of the prospects we give our clients complete within the same month.

We take pride in our systems and quality over quantity.

Just a few of our Clients:

Circa 45 property development

Why you should consider this model

Right people

Let us do the heavy lifting in finding the right people for you


You set the criteria, we qualify all leads to ensure they tick the right boxes

Focus on sales

No more surfing Facebook groups or sending DM's in hopes to find an investor


You ask, we deliver, making it easy to scale with a click of a button

Done for you

We manage everything, ALL you have to do, is take the final sales call

100% Security

Covered by an NDA, you own any data we collect for you, full confidentiality


Always guessing what will happen this week? Sounds stressful, we got you


You think big!

We make it happen.

No guesswork.

The process flow

1. Strategy Call

We take a dive into your current acquisition funnel to understand your needs, and identify bottlenecks

2. Demo Call

A solution is presented to you and we walk you through the infrastructure we can install inside your business

3. Deployment

We audit your systems in depth, install the Onyx Acquisition infrastructure and optimise it until satisfied

4. Release

Once everything is up to your standard and honed to perfection, we release you and you take your first ride with no support wheels

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Frequently Asked Question

How does this work?

It's simple.

We run and manage online advertising for you, to attract the RIGHT clients. No matter what your criteria or target location is.

We then prequalify every single lead to ensure they tick all the boxes you need them to, then book them into your calendar.

The goal is to bring you the right clients and free up your time, you focus on closing.

How much do I need to spend?

Your advertising budget defines the volume of clients you attract. We work at a pace that is comfortable for you, whilst giving you an opportunity to scale at any given moment, should you want to expand your team.

Our clients spend from £1,500 to £5,000 / month depending on volume needed.
You call the shots.

How do you ensure lead quality?

We don't sell leads, we do client acquisition.

Every lead we collect for you goes through a rigorous set of prequalifying steps to ensure they tick all the right boxes, including timelines and budgets you decide are right for you.

This way they don't waste your time and you can focus on selling.

As above, our clients average a 35% close rate from the prospects we give them.

Do you sell leads from a database?

Absolutely not.

You own the data we collect for you, and we cannot share it with anyone.

All leads are collected for you and you only, under your company or brand name, for your deal, your location etc.

Full process is tailored for you.

Why should I consider this over my current process?

Chances are, like 90% of clients we take on, you still rely on outdated marketing methods from the 90s - cold calls and email, door knocking, foot traffic, organic online traffic and leaflets.

This is about as time and cost inefficient as it gets.

Using the tools available to us online, we can find your exact client model in a matter of hours. Clients who have the buying or selling intent, right budgets available and are ready to complete now.

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